Elevated sections, turf and parterre protection



Our Matrax Polyethylene covering is ideal for temporary floors, pedestrian paths and paths for vehicles in construction sites, since it offers optimal covering both on natural and artificial turfs.

Since it is entirely made of recyclable materials, Matrax surely qualifies in the rank of Eco-friendly products.

Light and resistant to fatigue and pressure, Matrax is designed as having a rough enough surface so as to give good friction to vehicles and people circulating on it.

Matrax covering characteristics

The panels special dovetail system prevents from components movements and creates a smooth and homogeneous surface..

Matrax covering is supplied in panels being 1.22 meters wide x 2.34 meters high and weighing 21.5 kg each. It is available in grey or simply translucent. Matrax laying and removal are easy and only need hand tools.


Where to use Terratrak covering

Terratak is what you need if you are looking for a covering for delicate surfaces, like golf and soccer fields turfs, lawns and horse meadows, to protect them from heavy vehicles like trucks, forklifts and cranes and absorb their stress.

Terratak covering composition

Terratak is made of polypropylene and polyethylene with high molecular weight and density and it is designed to allow and control, thanks to the UV stabilizer, the sunlight and air passing; this allows to maintain adequate temperature and a humid environment in the underlying turf, so as to avoid any damage.

Terratak consists in relatively small and light panels (1.22 square meters x 20 kg weight per panel) which facilitate its laying; moreover, the blocking system by superimposition contributes to the creation of a smooth surface without intervals. This also ensures a total turf protection from liquids and substances which could possibly come in contact with Terratak surface.


Our Arena Panels are designed to offer a perfect covering during highly crowded events foreseeing the use of heavy equipments, since they offer an optimal distribution of weight and pressure, most of all when assembly and removal are performed on delicate surfaces.

For maximum ground protection performance, in case of covering for particularly delicate surfaces, we recommend the use of Geotextil carpets or of Enkamat mats, in order to maximize at most the efficacy of the protection system.

Arena Panels characteristics

The continuous casting aluminum our Arena Panels are made of allows the optimal functioning of the whole covering by bearing up to 12 tons load per axis. Panels fixing is carried out using totally curved joints that are slightly molded: this, along with slight surface profiling, makes this covering particularly suitable for public transit.

Finally, the addition of ramps and connections to other Terraplas and Rollaway covering systems allows obtaining a perfectly homogeneous and leveled surface.

Each panel is 2.15 meters wide x 3 meters long x 0.48 cm high and weighs 190 kg approximately. The high weight allows ensuring a highly protective final covering with optimum load distribution.

Arena Panels are supplied under experts supervision and can be laid by hand by assembly clerks by only using forklifts.


Where to use aluminum box panels

Our Box Panels are made of continuous casting aluminum and are ideal for flat surfaces covering, by ensuring the optimal distribution of loads. They are equipped with accessories like PE cloth, Geotextil carpet, Enkamat and rubber mats.

The ideal application of Box Panels covering is on transport routes, as base for stages during festivals or as access gates to construction sites, for lane widening and on assembly or stock areas.

The addition of Geotextil carpet or Enkamat or rubber mats make Box Panels the ideal covering for peculiar surfaces like cobblestones and Tartan tracks.

Aluminum box panels characteristics

Each Box panel is 2.44 meters wide x 3 meters long x 0.48 cm high and weighs 268 kg: this allows their picking and laying by only using rear loading cranes. Their high weight and special composition allow Box Panels surface to bear up to 12 tons loads per axis.

Slight panels profiling makes them easily accessible by pedestrians and bicycles, disabled people and vehicles.


Our LD Panels are made of continuous casting aluminum and represent an optimal solution for solid surfaces covering to ensure a perfect load distribution in case of light stress.

They are equipped with accessories like PE cloth, Geotextil carpet, Enkamat and rubber mats, for optimal covering of peculiar surfaces like cobblestones and Tartan tracks in stadiums.

Where to use LD Panels

These panels are used in several cases: for transport routes during events, for transport gates and for parking areas. LD Panels are supplied in rolls being 20 meters wide x 3 meters long x 0.2 meters high, with 1340 kg weight per roll, and are assembled one on the other along the length for fixing to remain stable also on disconnected surfaces.

Their very low thickness, only 2 cm, ensures the almost total absence of dips, while surface lightness makes them easily accessible by pedestrians and bicycles, disabled people and vehicles.


Where to use HD Panels

Our HD Panels are a versatile solution suitable in various cases, like the construction of temporary sites or roads, lane widening and assembly areas, since they provide a robust base resistant to heavy vehicles like trucks and cranes. Therefore, they are often used as basic surface for solid working lay-bys and roads open to vehicles./p>

HD Panels characteristics

They can be possibly supplied with Geotextil carpets to minimize at most ground damages, contributing in this way to the preservation of the natural areas where they are used, especially delicate ones.

HD Panels have standard dimensions: 2.50 meters width x 3.05 meters length x 0.43 meters height and 396 kg weight per panel. The assembled surface can bear a maximum 12 tons load per axis, while panels marked mould is designed to increase traction at maximum also on rough terrains.

HD Panels multi-layer structure provides high stability and optimal load distribution by taking advantage of the underlying ground load capacity and reducing dips at minimum.

HD Panels are picked from the truck using rear loading cranes and fixed in order to ensure a safe access starting from laying.


When to use recycled plastic coverings

Our special Hexagon covering is especially used to create access routes, pedestrian paths, tents and exhibition areas flooring, service routes and platforms. They can also be used as temporary flooring and as parking areas coverings, provided that the circulating vehicles do not exceed 2 tons weight per axis.

This versatility is allowed by Hexagon tiles perfect adaptability, which is maximized by its hexagonal shape allowing to use it a 30°, 60° and 90°. Due to this, they represent the perfect covering solution in case of asymmetrical surfaces.

Hexagon tiles characteristics

Each tile measures 0.27 square meters, with 0.32 meters angle length, 0.4 cm height and 3.2 kg weight. They are available in white and grey and equipped with additional accessories like polyethylene and Geotextil carpets, in order to provide a further homogeneous ground covering.

Hexagon tiles are manually embedded among each other without the need for additional tools. This way they maximize time both during laying and removal.


Plywood system consists in plywood being glued without coating, like Elliottis Pine plywood. It is one of the cheapest solutions and it is recommended for flat surfaces bearing medium-light stress, like tennis fields, stadiums interiors and meadows.

Common uses of Plywood covering

It is then a covering particularly recommended to build temporary transport routes, since laying time is very short.

Moreover, the possibility to overlap layers by sticking them together ensures a better load distribution. Plywood can also be used as assembly base for stages and grandstands or as protection in areas bearing more intense stress, to create ramps/manhole coverings, in routes open to heavy vehicles and for the protection of delicate areas.

This covering light and water impermeability makes it not particularly suitable for turf protection; therefore, whenever this case occurs, it is recommended not to extend laying for more than two days.

Plywood covering characteristics

Each Plywood panel measures 3.00 square meters and ensures an actual covering of 2.44 meters x 1.22 meters; its thickness is 0.24 cm. The weight varies between dry, 35 kg, and wet, 50 kg. It is available only in natural wood color and it is equipped with additional accessories like polyethylene sheets and Geotextil carpets to maximize ground covering and avoiding filth spreading.


The high-safety covering

Our Remopla covering is entirely made of recycled soft PVC with UV stabilizers and it represents a particularly recommended solution in cases where a high safety level is required, since it is made of B1 class fire-resistant material complying with DIN 4102 law.

It is recommended for the temporary protection of flat sensitive surfaces or to build temporary parking areas, Tartan service routes, tennis fields, artificial skating rinks, cobblestones and shed flooring. Remopla can also be used as base for stages, grandstands and seats settings but also as base for waste material like land or sand, e.g. in motocross tracks or indoor horse exhibitions.

PVC covering characteristics

Each Remopla panel provides a covering measuring 1.12 meters width x 0.75 meters length, with 0.45 cm height and 32 kg weight per panel. Panels are available only in charcoal grey and are equipped with additional ramps to facilitate vehicles exit, with Geotextil and polyethylene cloths to ensure perfect covering and cleaning both of the above area and the underlying ground.

Remopla panels can all be connected among each other in order to create a slightly irregular but uniform surface, which ensures perfect stability.

In case of special events and according to the necessities, Remopla coatings in RAL colors are available.



Supa-Trac is a professional turf covering system made of polypropylene copolymer, a particularly resistant plastic material which melts at higher temperatures than “classical” polypropylene. Therefore, it is more resistant to UV rays and to weather.

Supa-Trac system consists of singular panels (available only in white) wedged between them through a patented snap-fixing system: regardless of this, once assembled, the surface maintains its flexibility facing pressure and slight adaptability.

Supa-trac covering system dimensions

Each single panel is 0.035 m high x 0.225 m wide x 0.91 m deep and it weighs 2.18 kg, while an entirely laid surface is 0.035 m high x 1.145 m wide x 2.745 m deep and it weighs 32.70 kg.

Due to these characteristics, this surface can last even up to five days without damages; moreover, the simple fixing system allows easy and handy removal without the need for additional tools but to a screwdriver.

Its characteristics make it particularly suitable to be used as covering in stadiums or in areas with particularly sensitive floorings.

If needed, the surface is then completed by assembling yellow and black ramps all around its border.


Terraplas hard polyethylene surface consists in a base of white panels with green or grey anti-slip tape strips which ensure safe walking.

Joints between panels are not raised from the surface, thus there is no risk of stumbling: the final result is the total uniformity, which makes Terraplas suitable both for pedestrian paths and for load transport.

Characteristics and applications

The ability to stabilize UV rays makes this covering particularly recommended for outdoor use, whenever there is long exposure to sunlight, like in golf courses, soccer fields and, more generally, very well-finished areas. Terraplas is resistant to water, air and light. If weather permits, Terraplas can last up to 7 days by always ensuring optimum results.

In case of covering very delicate surfaces, we also provide polyethylene and Geotextil sheets to ensure 100% complete protection.

Each Terraplas panel measures 1 square meter and it is 0.06 m high, while the panels used for stadia coverings measure 2 square meters each and are 0.06 meters high; panels weight is measured by 11 kg/ m².

Panels with customized dimensions are available upon request and foresee an additional payment. Moreover, accessories are available, like anti-stumble ramps in safety colors (yellow and black) to complete the flooring.


Our Terraflor covering is made of high density polyethylene and the injection of a blowing agent which makes it particularly reactive to external stress.

Where to use Terraflor covering

Since it is resistant to water, air and sun and completely covered by anti-slip material, Terraflor is recommended for outdoor use, such as for covering golf courses, soccer fields and, in general, very well-finished areas. Moreover, the blowing agent makes Terraflor fully efficient even when exposed to high temperatures.

Terraflor can also be used as platform for food stands, small stages and grandstands and other small structures of the same type.

Terraflor covering structure and assembly

The structure consists of small 75×75 cm tiles, supplied in groups of six (2.25 meters x 1.5 meters), which allows a rapid and easy assembly, further facilitated by the blocking system by superimposition which contributes to the creation of a homogeneous dips-free surface. Moreover, this system prevents substances which could possibly fall on the surface from entering in contact with the underlying ground.

Its weight is measured by 9 kg/ m².

Terraflor is the advanced version of our Terraplas solution: it is structured in such a way that its stock requires half the space, halving in this way transport costs and reducing laying and removal time, since it is easier to handle.

Custom-made panels are also available upon request.


Our Rollaway covering is a solution for turf covering that is very quick and handy to lay and to remove.

Where to use Rollaway

It provides high resistance from damages caused by medium-light loads for delicate areas like football stadia, parks, gardens and stables, allowing the transit of motorcycles, cars and heavy loads preventing pressure from damaging the ground.

Thanks to its special lamellar profile, Rollaway covering allows perfect ventilation and irrigation of the covered lawn, therefore lasting up to 6 or 7 days without damages.

Moreover, Rollaway is resistant enough so as to bear the load of small stages, grandstands and stands, by perfectly protecting the ground.

It is entirely made of high-pressure polyethylene complying with DIN 8075 law and it is supplied in standard white rolls, being 12 meters long x 2.40 meters wide and weighing 12.80 kg/m², which can be adapted to necessities.

Moreover, accessories are supplied, like tensioners and special forklifts.

Rollaway surface laying should be performed under an expert supervision; in case of covering lawns in stadia or similar places, Rollaway is supplied along with longitudinal joints which simultaneously serve as expansion joints.


Our Portafloor polypropylene covering is a resistant but light protective flooring, which is particularly suitable for covering areas almost exclusively transited by pedestrians or disabled people, like stadia interiors.

The UV stabilizer contained in polypropylene allows, along with the peculiar covering structure, to protect the turf and also to make it “breathe”: this allows the turf to remain intact even after two or three consecutive laying days.

Portafloor covering characteristics

Portafloor consists in elements being 31 cm wide x 0.85 cm long which are already assembled in standard rolls being 2.16 meters wide x 38 meters long; the total covering surface is 82.10 m². Weight is measured by 4 kg/m².

The covering is available in light grey and blue and it is supplied along with additional accessories like Golf Carts and special forklifts to transport it on the turf.

Due to its reduced thickness, Portafloor can be very quickly moved and re-assembled and it can be more easily transported than other covering systems of this kind.

Portafloor supply foresees an expert supervision during assembly.


Rolatrak covering is made of high-pressure polyethylene and it provides a covering being particularly resistant to damages caused by medium-light loads on delicate lawns like football stadia, parks, gardens and stables.

The special lamellar profile ensures uniform load distribution and efficient turf ventilation and irrigation, thus allowing turf covering to last even 5-6 days without damages and at an adequate temperature.

Rolatrak dimensions and installation

Rolatrak is supplied in standard rolls measuring 2.3 meters height x 16 meters length and weighing 10 kg / m². The only available color is grey. Moreover, accessories are supplied, like tensioners and special forklifts.

The system installation should be performed under an expert supervision. In case of covering stadia fields and similar places, Rolatrak is supplied along with longitudinal joints which simultaneously serve as expansion joints.


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